Parking Lot Safety

Be alert around your car. Here are some suggestions recommended by the National Safety Council and local police departments to help increase…

Photo controversy

The photos mentioned on 6 News will be available shortly.

How you can help

Check out the many ways you can provide help locally for people in need in the Gulf Coast.

Escaped couple caught in Ohio

Authorities captured escaped Tennessee prison inmate George Hyatte and his wife, Jennifer, Wednesday night without incident in a Columbus, O…

Buying phony degrees online

Online diploma mills are a booming business that allow users to bypass the books and put up some cash for a quicker but more deceptive degre…


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Tracking the Tornadoes Timeline

The string of tornadoes that ripped through East Tennessee the night of November 10th came with warning. But 11 people still lost their live…

Staying Safe from Lightning

Do you know what the most dangerous part of a thunderstorm is? The lightning. As storm season kicks in full force, you need to know how to s…

Hecklers Removed

Shortly after the president began speaking, a small group of hecklers began shouting. They were quickly removed by police. >

Speaking at Civic Coliseum

As he enters the Civic Coliseum, the president greets volunteer members of the Citizen's Police Academy. >

Touring the Moses Center

President Bush tours the Knoxville Police Department's Citizens Police Academy in the Moses Center. >

The President’s Limousine

The president's limousine leaves the Moses Center after his visit. On-lookers were kept more than a block away from the building. >