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7 items you should never buy used

Buying used items is one of the top ways to consistently save money, but not every used item has value and you should avoid buying some item…


Tennessee This Week – May 15, 2016

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett talks about his budget proposal and his plan for your tax dollars, from schools to law enforcement to infrast…

Auto loan

Auto loan pitfalls to avoid

More than 17.5 million cars and trucks were sold last year and sales remain strong this year. The buying frenzy means a lot of people are lo…

How much vacation time do you take?

6 ways to save money on vacation

Summer is just a few weeks away, and that means vacation time, but some destinations come with high price tags. There are some ways to save.

Trash on the side of the highway in Knox County.

Volunteers tackle trash in Tennessee

Cleaning up litter has been a battle waged for decades across Tennessee and the country. Fortunately, there are people who care and clean up…