About Us

At WATE 6 On Your Side. We are committed to making East Tennessee a better, safer place to live.

We promise to look out for you and your family, and hold the responsible accountable.

From breaking news and the important stories that impact us all, to keeping you safe during severe weather, we are always here.

We are On Your Side.

Bo Williams


On Your Side means we’ve got your back. From scams to wanted criminals, your forecast to the morning and afternoon commutes. On Your Side means we are looking out for you. Listening to your concerns so that we can investigate and hopefully make your life a little bit better.

There are a number of stories that jump out at me that display the “On Your Side” brand. Don’s story of the Talbot couple and their new home shows how much impact we can have in a particular community. Another story was our decision to alert viewers to a wanted sex offender. A WATE 6 On Your Side viewer saw out story and alerted Anderson County authorities after spotting the suspect in their neighborhood.

A final example, 2 bad wrecks on I-40W forced the closure of the interstate near Lovell Road. Besides taking you live to the scene, we were getting the message of the closure out live on air, online, and via social media. We also walked you through possible alternative routes.

Kristin Farley


Being On Your Side means telling stories that are important to you; stories that impact your life and could help make our community better.

Don’s story on the Talbot couple and the number of people reaching out to help them is a great example of a six on your side story and the impact and power we can have in our community.

Don Dare

dondareFor over 18 years, On Your Side to me has meant being responsive to viewers, giving them a voice when either no one is listening, puts them off, or doesn’t want to help.

One of the nation’s largest insurance companies ignored Don King’s plea for reason.  He had owned the policy for 35 years, paid faithfully, and when it came time to pay him back for some surgery – the company gave him a hard time and wouldn’t listen to his plea.

Once he explained his problem and presented me with evidence that he was being ignored, we took his information to the insurance company.  I made a reasoned explanation as to why Mr. King felt the company was not treating him right.  Sometimes we are successful in our arguments, other times not.   But in Don King’s  case we were right.  His voice was being ignored.  The insurance company changed its stance and agreed to pay his bill.

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