Kill the bugs, avoid Zika

This season is in full swing: April through October, when grass, gutters, and bushes become breeding ground for mosquitoes.


Avoiding prepaid card fees

Those traveling Memorial Day weekend might not want to carry a wad of cash around, and that’s where prepaid debit cards come in.

** FILE ** A female deer tick is seen under a University of Rhode Island microscope in the entomoloy lab March 18, 2002. Although it is easy to come in contact with ticks in Tennessee with it's many wooded areas, the huge majority of tick bites do not transmit disease to people, according to health officials. (AP Photo/ Victoria Arocho, File)

Keep your kids safe from tick bites

It’s tick season in East Tennessee. The tiny bloodsuckers can be found nearly everywhere and the more time spent outdoors, the more opportun…