Johnny Paris Hopson (Knox County Sheriff's Office)

Missing Knox County man found safe

He was travelling to California to visit family, but they became worried when he never arrived at his destination and notified police.

Chris and Fay Christie watch as water spills over the Tennessee Valley Authority's Norris Dam into the Clinch River Tuesday, April 22, 2003 in Norris, Tenn. With one of two generating units down for service, the water stage in Norris Lake is approximately two feet higher than normal, prompting the spill. The dam, built in 1933-36 is part of the TVA's multi-purpose chain of dams. Watts Bar Dam is currently spilling too because both its generators are down for service.(AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Norris Dam celebrates 80 years

o commemorate the 80th birthday of Norris Dam, TVA’s first hydroelectric project, TVA is offering offering tours of Norris Dam’s powerhouse,…


Publix warns: New $150 coupon is fake

The coupon is a voucher for $150. It is being spread via a Facebook post that says “Get a FREE Publix Voucher to celebrate our 150th anniver…