KUB warns customers of scam attempts

(Photo: KUB)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knoxville Utilities Board is joining other companies for Utilities United Against Scams Day.

The campaign hopes to bring attention to scams in which someone may pose as a utility representative in order to get payment or personal information from a victim.

“Staying up -to-date on your account status will help you be prepared to avoid falling victim to a scam,” said Dale Grubbs, KUB Customer Service. “Knowing when you last paid your bill and your account status will help you identify when something is out of the ordinary.”

Scam: Caller threatens shutoff within a specific time frame. 

  • KUB reminds customers that the service does not call customers in regards to a final notice. Customers will be sent bills or given pink door hangers from KUB. The service says a threat of shutoff within the hour or that day will not be coming from KUB.

Scam: Caller requests payment via MoneyPaks, Green Dot cards, Money Gram or prepaid credit cards. 

  • KUB will not request payment in this form. Giving payment in these forms to a caller will allow the scammer to access funds and is untraceable.

KUB says if someone calls you to try to do a scam attempt, hang up and call KUB at 865-524-2911.

Also, KUB says it is important to destroy bills (shredding, etc.) instead of throwing them in the trash.



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