5 ways to save on Thanksgiving preparations

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — With Thanksgiving a little more than a week away, you may be preparing to host your own turkey feast. If you have hosted one before, you know that it can get a bit pricey. Fortunately, there are many methods for trimming those costs.

Sometimes, it’s just not worth paying more for the name brand. After all, table salt is table salt, no matter what type of fancy label appears on the packaging. So, buy generic. Cooking staples such as sugar, spices and flour are just fine in their store-brand form.

The same holds true for frozen veggies. And if you typically serve canned cranberry sauce on Turkey Day, hide the generic can and see if any of your guests even notice that it isn’t a brand name!

At any time of year, the cheapest foods are those that are in season. Keep that in mind when planning your Thanksgiving meal.

Lots of you may have that classic green bean casserole on the table, but green beans are actually at their peak in high summer, so what you want to do is focus on ingredients that are at their peak right now. Like winter squash, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and dark leafy greens, like kale.

As you think of decorating your table, you’re bound to find some beautiful Thanksgiving decor at your local retailer.  But DIY decorations are much cheaper, and they offer a chance to put your own creative stamp on your celebration.

Pine cones and pine branches can add a festive touch to your table or mantle. Go outside and look for some nice, clean, colorful leaves. All you need is a plain tablecloth and a row of colorful leaves sprinkled down the middle to create a very festive setting.

If money is tight in your household, and you plan on inviting family or friends to your Thanksgiving table, why not ask them to help out by bringing dishes of their own? There is no need to feel guilty about making such a request. Asking one person or family to host a meal for a large group of people can be expensive.

Consider asking loved ones to bring one item to contribute to the meal. For example, a couple of cousins can be in charge of appetizers, while your aunt and uncle can bring dessert.

The price of a Thanksgiving meal drops considerably when you stretch it out over two or three days.

Turkey and ham sandwiches are post-Thanksgiving staples, and many times you can also get more creative with those leftovers.

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