Series of shootings in California kills 5, injures kids

Rancho Tehama Elementary School (Source: Google Maps)

TEHAMA COUNTY (KRON/WATE) — A gunman killed four people and wounded a number of others, including elementary school students, Tuesday at multiple locations in Tehama County, before police shot him dead, authorities said.

Deputies received a report of shots fired at around 8 a.m. at Rancho Tehama Elementary school, said a Tehama County Sheriff’s Official.

At least seven people have been hospitalized, including three children, Enloe Medical Center spokeswoman Nicole Johansson.

One student was wounded at the school and another child was shot while driving with a woman, who also was wounded, Johnston said.

“It was very clear at the onset that we had an individual that was randomly picking targets,” Johnston said.

He declined to release the name of the shooter but said the gunfire began with a domestic violence incident that neighbors reported.

The suspected shooter was shot and killed by law enforcement, officials confirmed.

Sheriff’s officials say the students are now at a safe location.

The shooting began at a home near the elementary school in Rancho Tehama Reserve, about 130 miles north of Sacramento.

There are about 100 law enforcement officials at least seven different locations where the shooter opened fire.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston says the gunman had a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns and was randomly picking targets.

Jeanine Quist, an administrative assistant with the Corning Union Elementary School District, says no one was killed at the school but a number of students were shot and wounded.

Brian Flint spoke with KHSL and said the alleged gunman was his neighbor and he shot and killed his roommate.

“The crazy thing is that the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds, large magazines,” Flint told KHSL. “And we’ve made it aware that this guy has been crazy, and he’s been threatening us and everything like that.

He described the alleged shooter as a man in his 50s named Kevin who also stole his truck.

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