Shopping cart fentanyl warning removed by police department

(Courtesy: WCMH)

LEACHVILLE, Ark. (WTNH) — Shoppers across the country were alarmed Thursday when a social media post from an Arkansas police department about absorbing fentanyl from shopping cart handles was shared nationwide.

On Thursday morning, the Leachville Police Department shared on their Facebook page a warning about touching shopping cart handles that could be coated with fentanyl. Police advised shoppers to wipe down the handles first to avoid contact with the drug.

The department said drugs such as fentanyl or a similar substance can enter into your system from contact with your hands.

Several hours later, the Leachville Police Department took down the original post from their Facebook page, and replaced it with this statement:

The post about the fentanyl was sent to me from another officer at another Department. I simply shared it. I’m should have checked into it further before I posted it. Sorry for the confusion

Other drug task force leaders around the country have weighed in after seeing this story and said the chances of this happening are very slim.

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