Hamblen County deputy recovering after being hit by suspect’s truck

Laura Halm speaks with Deputy Marti Wolfe, who asked that her face not be shown.

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) – A Hamblen County sheriff’s deputy is on the mend after getting hit by a truck while on patrol.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says Deputy Marti Wolfe was performing a traffic stop at the intersection of West Andrew Johnson Highway and Lakeshore Road when she discovered the truck was stolen. Investigators say the driver, Anthony Sizemore, 40, sped away hitting Deputy Wolfe.

Hamblen County Sheriff Esco Jarnigan says deputies fired at the truck and he believes the driver was shot. Hours later, officers found the abandoned truck in Newport along with the two suspects: Sizemore and a passenger who are now in custody.

“It was scary,” said Deputy Wolfe while sitting at her kitchen table on Monday.

She has a knot on her wrist, bruises, and says she’s feeling sore.

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“I pushed off the grill of this vehicle to try and get out from in front of it. But the front part of the grill stuck my vest in my ribs. Thank God I did have my vest on and everything was good because the vest took the brunt.”

Deputy Wolfe has been in law enforcement for 11 years. She says on Saturday there wasn’t time for fear to kick in.

“It’s the training reaction, move out of the way during the whole process. Everything goes so fast and when everything’s over you just set back and think ‘Shoo. Did everybody see that?'” said Deputy Wolfe.

From her perspective, there’s been a change over the last few years. She says it’s getting worse and believes what happened Saturday, along with the overall shift, is because of drugs.

“I don’t think they look at me as a cop or a human or a daughter. They do not care who or what I am, just to get away so they can get high again.”

Family, including her law enforcement family, has been calling and by her side.

“I’m thankful that it happened to me. If it happened to anyone else in my unit, it would’ve been harder on me,” added Deputy Wolfe.

Days later she says even once the bruises fade, she’ll still be carrying this memory.

“More than anything God was watching over me that day,” she said.

TBI continues to investigate. Anthony Sizemore is facing an attempted first degree murder charge.

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