Study: Tennessee improves well-being for immigrant, minority children

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A new report looked at the future of immigrant and minority children in Tennessee.

The 2017 Race for Results: Building a Path to Opportunity for All Children was released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The study also focused on challenges immigrant children and their families face, what they bring to their communities and child development goals.

“We all win when our state makes opportunities available to each and every child,” said Linda O’Neal, executive director of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth, the Tennessee KIDS COUNT affiliate.

According to data, there were smaller gaps between demographic groups in Tennessee than most states. The study says white children in Tennessee have significantly better outcomes in education and family income compared to African-American and Hispanic children. Asian and Pacific Islander children had the highest index rating, according to the report.

The study found immigrant children are more likely to live in two-parent households compared to children born in the United States.

“Children in immigrant families in Tennessee across the centuries all have the same dreams. They, and we, want to implement innovative strategies that improve opportunities to thrive and contribute,” O’Neal said.

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