Knoxville man charged with stalking, extorting woman he met on Tinder

Justin Corum (Source: Knox County Jail)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A Knoxville man faces extortion and stalking charges after police say he tried to coerce a woman he met on Tinder to perform sexual acts with him. When she wouldn’t, police say he threatened her, telling the woman he had “family in law enforcement.”

University of Tennessee police say they were called by a UT student who said she was being stalked. The victim told them she met Justin S. Corum, 22, on Tinder on Oct. 19. The two began texting, at which point, Corum became sexually explicit and asked the victim to perform sexual acts with him. When the victim rebuffed his advances, she told police the tone of the conversation changed.

According to the arrest warrant, Corum told the victim there would be retribution if she didn’t meet him and perform the acts. He texted many times, saying he had “family in law enforcement” and would “pull her number.” He also said, “You’ll find out later haha. Sometimes you bark up the wrong tree,” and threatened to tell the victim’s family about what was going on, saying, “every single one. I found them.”

The victim began to fear for her safety and had a friend walk her to work, in case she was confronted by Corum.

On Sunday night, police arrested Corum, who waived his Miranda rights and admitted to sending the text messages

Corum, who has no other criminal record, will appear in court on Nov. 1. He is currently out on bond



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