Anderson County Courthouse campers raise money for Family Drug Treatment Court

CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) – People were camped outside the Anderson County Courthouse on Monday night for a good cause.

The goal was to raise $33,000 to fill a funding gap. The result was donations pouring in, in less than a week surpassing that number.

“The goal of this program is to end the generational cycle of substance abuse that we have in this community that follows up with incarceration,” said Stephanie Strutner, Executive Director of the Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention of Anderson County.

Anderson County is joining the national campaign of “Red Ribbon Week,” hoping to raise enough money to fill the funding gap for the Family Drug Treatment Court program. The goal, organizers say, is to break the generational cycle of substance abuse that unfortunately affects many children and teens.

“There are so many who need this program, so we’re reaching out to everyone and anybody to seize the problem – to businesses and individual businesses that have trouble finding employees who can pass drug screenings. And this aims to help. There is an employment component to this program,” said one of the campers.

“I come from a community, Briceville, in that community there’s a lot of drugs. It’s really impoverished. there’s not really much to do. I went to school there, and that’s not all that’s out there,” said Joshalyn Harmon, a student at Anderson County High School and a member of the ASAP Youth Alliance.

ASAP of Anderson County has programs in place already that aim to prevent substance abuse.

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