Low restaurant scores include local country club, West Knoxville hotel

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – There were a few low scores found during health inspections over the last week, although no one failed their inspection. However, the violations found were those that could potentially make customers ill. Several of the factors were corrected on the spot and there will be follow ups.

Gettysvue County Club, 9317 Linksvue Drive – Grade: 76

The lowest grade of the week is a 76 at Gettysvue Country Club on Linksvue Drive – that’s a passing grade; anything below 70 is unsanitary.

Lots of food temperatures were off in the country club’s kitchen. Hamburgers were at 57 degrees, steak at 56 and tuna salad at 53. But 41 degrees and below is the safe temperature to curb bacteria growth. The food was thrown away.

The inspector also found moldy cheese in a cooler, which was thrown away. Some food was found with expired date marks. Once perishables are opened, they must be marked and used within seven days and should be thrown away once the date of best use has passed.

The food slicer was also dirty – it hadn’t been cleaned and sanitized.

Quality Inn and Suites, 317 Cedar Bluff Drive – Grade: 78

Another low scorer was the breakfast buffet at Quality Inn and Suites at 317 Cedar Bluff Drive, which scored a 78 – also a passing score.

More: See the complete inspection reports here

The inspector found dead insects in the breakfast area. There was also a food temperature violation: sausage was being held at 122 degrees, which isn’t hot enough to kill bacteria. A temperature of 135 degrees and above is required.

Also, no hand soap was found so neither breakfast room employees nor customers could properly wash their hands. A reinspection for the hotel is scheduled soon.

At the high scoring restaurants this week, no follow-up inspects will be needed:

Top scores of the week:

  • Jacob’s Time Out Deli, 5307 Middlebrook Pike – Grade: 100
  • The Liter Board, 1848 Cumberland Avenue – Grade 100
  • Taste of Thai, 8926 Town and Country Circle – Grade: 99
  • Subway, 446 Cedar Bluff Road – Grade: 99
  • Bridgewater Place, 205 Bridgewater Road – Grade: 99
  • Burger King, 127 Northshore Drive –  Grade: 99
  • Krystal, 3910 Western Avenue – Grade: 98
  • Krystal, 8901 Kingston Pike – Grade: 98
  • KFC, 2918 Broadway – Grade: 98
  • Aubrey’s, 9208 Middlebrook Pike – Grade: 97
  • The Status Dough, 6635 Kingston Pike – Grade: 97
  • Backyard Burgers, 10008 Kingston Pike – Grade: 96

Health inspections are unannounced and conducted every six months. They represent a snapshot of conditions found at the restaurant on the day it is checked.

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