Morristown police search for men impersonating officers, robbing residents

(Morristown Police Department)

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) – The Morristown Police Department is searching for people they say are impersonating police officers, making their way into people’s houses, and robbing them.

Officers say they’ve received reports from residents on Hedrick Street and W. Charles Street that a man has been identifying himself as an officer, complete with badge and gun.

In one incident, a man described as about 5 feet tall with what appeared to be a badge on his waistband was let into a home. After looking around, he frisked the victim and asked for identity documents and cash. Once he had the items, he fled in a 2004 four-door grey sedan.

In another incident, a man wearing a gun and badge drove up to a home in a two-door cream colored GMC Sierra asking if a certain individual was inside. After learning that person was not there, the suspect frisked the victim and fled with the victim’s wallet. This suspect was described as around 5-feet-5 with a muscular build, a buzzcut, clean shaven and in his mid-30s. He had a red tattoo on his right hand and forearm. He had a police-style radio with an earpiece, handcuffs and a black handgun.

If you believe you’ve encountered someone impersonating an officer, call the Hamblen County Dispatch Center at (423) 585-2701.




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