Man making cross-country trek for diabetes awareness

John Cushman is walking from Washingto, DC to San Diego.

One man is making it his mission to walk across the country – walking to cure something so many people struggle with: diabetes.

John Cushman was in Knoxville County on Tuesday. We met up with him a little after he passed into Knox County on Highway 11 West. He’s walking from Washington, DC to San Diego for the American Diabetes Association. Cushman says diabetes hits close to home for him. His son has Type 1 diabetes and lost both of his kidneys.

“Look at me. I had type 2 diabetes when I started this thing. 500 to 600 miles later my numbers are perfect,” Cushman said. “This is incredible walking through the small towns and telling people. They stop they ask. They stop they cry. They stop and say thank you and its been emotional, its been incredible.

The 61-year-old made the same journey 40 years ago for MDA. He set a record for doing it in 49 days, and although he’s moving a little slower this time around, he finds the journey to be all the more satisfying.


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