Knoxville pizzeria fails health inspection for unsanitary conditions

Food For Thought

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A Knoxville pizzeria scored a number of risk factor violations that could lead to food-borne illnesses if not corrected.

Dazzo’s Pizzeria, 710 Gay Street – Grade 69

The lowest scoring restaurant of the weeks is a 69 at Dazzo’s Pizzeria on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville.

Any score below 70 is considered unsanitary.

In his report, the inspector noted that a cook was seen touching pasta with his bare hands, instead of wearing gloves. The inspector also found pasta stored in a sink, right beside a bottle of sanitizer – both of these are against the health code.

The dishwasher also had no sanitizer in it and was dirty. The food slicer was also dirty and hadn’t been washed, cleaned or sanitized. Clean utensils were also found stored in a dirty container.

Food was also not being stored at the proper temperature, either. Meatballs were being held at 55 degrees and milk at 50 degrees; 41 degrees and below is the correct cool temperature to slow bacteria growth.

The ice machine at Dazzo’s was dirty and had mold growing inside it. The kitchen floor was also dirty.

A re-inspection at the restaurant will be conducted in the near future.

More online: Read this week’s full health inspections [PDF]

At the high scoring restaurants this week, no re-inspections will be needed.

Top Scores of the Week

  • LuLu’s Tea room, 3703 Beaver Creek Road – Grade: 100
  • Scotties of Powell, 7143 Clinton Highway – Grade: 100
  • Nixon’s Deli, 508 Merchant’s Drive – Grade: 100
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company, 9314 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Brothers Johnson and Sister BBQ, 518 University Avenue – Grade: 100
  • It’s All So Yummy Cafe, 120 Peters Road – Grade: 99
  • Soup Kitchen Express, 9222 Kingston Pike – Grade: 99
  • Sergeant Pepperoni’s Pizzeria, 179 Seven Oaks Drive – Grade: 99
  • Central Flats & Taps, 1204 Central Street – Grade: 99
  • Wendy’s, 7407 Strawberry Plains Pike – Grade: 98
  • Wendy’s, 6201 Asheville Highway – Grade: 97
  • Viet Taste, 213 N. Peters Road – Grade 96

Restaurant inspections are unannounced and conducted every six months. If you notice a problem, politely mention it to the restaurant manager.

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