Second Morristown murder suspect in custody

Michael Brandon Ratliff (source: Morristown Police Dept.)

MORRISTOWN (WATE) — A second suspect has been arrested in a murder in Morristown.

Investigators located Michael Brandon Ratliff on Tuesday and took him into custody after a traffic stop around 4 p.m. Deputies say he had been seen leaving property on Cedar Creek Road owned by a relative who had been uncooperative with police. He was wearing a brown wig in an attempt to hide his identity.

Police say he has admitted to his involvement in the murder of Antonio Yarbrough.

Nicholas Roberts (Photo: Morristown Police Department)

Yarbrough was shot in the upper thigh in a residence on Tulip Street. The shooting occurred around 11:30pm Friday night. Yarbrough was transported to UT Medical Center where he later died.

Ratliff was believed to be armed and dangerous, and is a known narcotics user, according to the report.

Nicholas Roberts remains in jail and faces charges for second degree murder. Brandon K. Harville was released after he was purposely falsely identified. The District Attorney’s office will decide if the witness should face charges.

Investigators believe the suspects went looking for the victim before shooting him and dragging him out of the home and into the yard beating him. The suspects then fled the scene.

Police believe this could be related to illegal drug activity. A search of the property where Ratliff was found turned up weapons and 89 grams of suspected narcotics.

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