Peyton Manning to be honored at halftime of Vols-Georgia game

(source: UT Sports)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – NFL legend and VFL Peyton Manning will be back on Rocky Top on Saturday, not just for the Vols’ game against Georgia, but to be honored on the field as well.

Manning will be honored at halftime for his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Manning has been trying to relive some of his college years while he’s back in Knoxville. He went to lunch on Friday with his dad and Coach Philip Fulmer at Copper Cellar, the place he went on his recruiting visit in 1994.

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“I’m proud to be and I’m always proud to be an ambassador. I am certainly a donor, supporter. I’m a fan, but I’m not an analyst. There’s plenty of those out there. I get asked a lot what’s the state of the union of Tennessee football. Hey, I’m all in. I’m all behind them. I want nothing more than to win Saturday and get the taste of Florida and UMass, maybe not as good of a game as we’d like, out of our mouths and beating Georgia certainly would solve a lot of those problems,” Manning said.

Manning also said he’s enjoying retirement.

“I still feel busy. I feel stimulated. I like protecting some free time to do some things I never had a chance to do, [like] coming back to Tennessee for games,” he said. “I’m a volunteer assistant coach on my kid’s flag football team. It’s a lot of pressure. It really is.”

Manning joked that when he was asked to be a coach on the flag football team, he couldn’t coach a team that had no pass plays.

Manning shot down rumors earlier in the week that he might seek the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Bob Corker in 2018.

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