Cumberland County parent says school not doing enough to stop bullies

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A parent of a Cumberland County High School student said the school is not doing enough to keep her child safe from bullies. Brenda Astrauskas said she’s been complaining about the bullying since last year. She claims her son was punched in the head by a bully on Wednesday and suffered a concussion. She said the same bully hit Logan the previous week.

“I feel the school has done nothing to help my son,” she said.

She said the bullying has gotten worse this year. She said her son Logan has gotten death threats from students. She claimed she told the assistant principal about those threats.

“He wrote down some notes and told me he would take care of everything,” she said.

However, she said she does not feel the school is doing enough after her son was punched. The school’s principal Jon Hall said on Wednesday Logan was hit before the school had a chance to talk to the alleged bully about the incident the previous week. Hall said the boy was absent for a few days.

Hall said the boy was brought into the office immediately on Wednesday and he was disciplined accordingly. Hall claimed he was not aware of any threats made towards Logan even though Astrauskas said she told the assistant principal about them.

“He would have told me about those. We had a discussion today about the student in question and he wasn’t aware of those things either,” said Hall.

Astrauskas said Logan is considering being home schooled. She wanted the administration to take more action so Logan feels safe.

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