Tyler Enix decides not to testify in murder, kidnapping trial

State and defense rests

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The state and defense rested in the trial of Tyler Enix. Enix is accused of stabbing his ex-wife Kimberly Enix to death and then taking off with their then two-year-old daughter, sparking a multi-state Amber Alert.

Tyler Enix threw prosecutors a curve-ball when he decided not to testify during his trial. The assistant attorney general told Judge Steven Sword that the plan all along was to have Enix testify.

Prosecutors said they were expecting Tyler Enix to take the witness stand and advance the claim that Kimberly Enix was the initial aggressor the night she died. The state was planning on calling character witnesses to dispute his claim.

Judge Sword also dropped carjacking charges and reduced especially aggravated kidnapping charges to just kidnapping and threw out the carjacking charge in its entirety.

Tyler Enix’s attorney had asked the court to drop the kidnapping charges. They argued that Tyler Enix could not kidnap his own child.

The defense also filed a motion asking Judge Sword to acquit the first degree murder charge, saying the state did not prove there was any planning or premeditation involved. The motion was denied by Judge Sword.

“Forty-seven stab wounds displays an act of extreme passion or being out control or just sincere intent to end somebody’s life,” said Judge Sword.

Phone conversations, text messages between Tyler and Kimberly Enix

The state called their last witness, Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Steven McFall, on Thursday. He examined the phone and computer records in the case. McFall read text message exchanges between Tyler and Kimberly Enix.

The text messages show Tyler Enix was angry at Kimberly Enix for blocking him on Facebook. When she unblocked him, Tyler Enix begs her to send him a friend request.

Agent McFall says Kimberly Enix send Tyler Enix a text message that says “I have an order of protection. Stop contacting me.” Later Tyler Enix texts, “I’m at my breaking point, Kim. I can’t sit here by myself anymore” and “I’m just worried you’re talking to another man. I’ve already lost everything.”

Taped conversations between Kimberly Enix and Tyler Enix were also played in court.

“You are unwelcome here,” said Kimberly Enix to Tyler Enix. “You just show up. We’re divorced.”

Also on a phone recording Tyler Enix is heard telling Kimberly Enix, “I’m going to break your neck.”

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