Fans make UT tailgating a family tradition

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Tailgating at the University of Tennessee is a family tradition for many people.

It is a big part of the experience before and allows fans to gather to show their spirit.

“Tailgating is huge. There are places all over campus,” said student Kristina Brown.

UT Football is a tradition for Brown’s family. Her mother is a UT alumna and her dad is a former employee of the school.

“Football and fall is like the same word to us. You can’t have fall without football and you can’t have football without fall,” said Abe Brown. “We have food and snacks, we know where the football parties will be. We’ve always grown up having fun with football.”

Tailgating is the perfect excuse to get outdoors, enjoy the fall weather and take in college football.

“I play football so it’s always a joy to me if I’m not playing to go watch a game,” said 14-year-old Shepard Underwood.

Many families play games to keep up the competitive spirit during the tailgate.

“We’re playing cornhole. It’s the nephews against the dad and uncle. The dad and uncle are whooping them right now,” said Jeff Boyet.

Fans are creating memories and they do it in style at UT.

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