Testimony begins in Knoxville murder, kidnapping trial

Tyler Enix accused of killing ex-wife Kimberly Enix, kidnapping 2-year-old daughter

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Day two of the Tyler Enix murder and kidnapping trial was the first full day of testimony. Jurors are weighing the testimony as Enix is faxing charges in the death of his ex-wife Kimberly.

Tuesday was a busy day in court. The state called more than a half dozen witnesses to the stand, from Kimberly Enix’s boss to her ex-husband, in an attempt to convince the jury that Tyler Enix killed Kimberly Enix unlawfully and with premeditation. The state says the murder was all about control, arguing that evidence shows Tyler Enix wanted to control his ex-wife, even after their divorce.

The 2015 murder sparked a multi-state Amber Alert for their then 2-year-old daughter after Tyler Enix allegedly kidnapped her across state lines. Jurors hear Tuesday a 911 recording of the Good Samaritan who spotted Enix and the child in Ohio.

“I think I’m behind the Amber Alert that was called out this morning for the child from Tennessee,” said the Good Samaritan in the recording.

The driver followed Enix on the freeway until police could intercept the vehicle.

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The jury also heard from Kimberly Enix’s friend and supervisor, who said she was fearful of Tyler Enix and gave her an eerie warning that if someday she didn’t show up for work that her supervisor needed to come looking for her and to look for Tyler Enix.

“She was like, ‘When I left him, he told me if I ever left him I’d be in a body bag.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ So it’s something I will never forget.”

The state called Kimberly Enix’s ex-husband Chris Morrison to the witnesses stand. He told jurors he had to file an order of protection against Tyler Enix because of inappropriate behavior.

The jury learned that Kimberly Enix’s body was discovered as a result of a welfare check. The crime scene technician recalled what she saw.

“There was a white female laying on the floor. She was obviously deceased, covered in blood. The carpet was covered in blood,” said Knoxville Police Department Forensic Officer Rachel Warren.

The state and defense argued two competing theories to the jury. The state told jurors that Tyler Enix was violent and abusive, arguing that he planned out Kimberly Enix’s murder just months after their divorce. The defense paints a different narrative, saying Kimberly Enix was the real abuser in their relationship, going on to say she’s the one who attacked Tyler Enix with a knife before he turned the knife around on her.

“She’s got a knife. It’s over her head and she’s coming at him. He grabs her arm. And what happens after that, sadly we know from the pictures. Tyler just lost it,” said defense attorney John Halstead.

If the jury finds Tyler Enix guilty of first degree murder, he could spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Testimony is scheduled to continue on Wednesday.

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