Vols prepare for Florida game as area recovers from Irma

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WATE) – Team 121 is gearing up for one of the biggest rivalry games of the season as the Vols take on the Gators in the Swamp on Saturday.

The match up should be an interesting one, as it always is when these two teams meet. When Hurricane Irma swept through the area, Gainesville got hit pretty hard and had to cancel their game last weekend. Gators Head Coach Jim McElwain said that shouldn’t affect how they come out on Saturday.

“You know I don’t think we can ever say that we’re going to get back to normal because through this storm that hit us in the last week there is no normal. Sometimes you get knocked down. The measure of a true man is how he gets back up and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.

McElwain said more than 60 of his players were affected by the hurricane. There’s still high water around campus as well as trees down throughout the city. He said the Gators will be playing for the entire state of Florida on Saturday.

Because the team cancelled their home opener against Northern Colorado, so the Vols only have one game worth of film to prepare.

“It’s a little frustrating. I think it was harder with the Georgia Tech in Indiana State game knowing that Indiana State had a entire new offense from last year so we only had one game. We had to look at a few things from last year I have some returning starters on the offense of line so it’s a little frustrating to only have one game but I think will be able to manage it,” said Kyle Phillips, Tennessee junior defensive end.

The game is at 3 p.m. Saturday on CBS.

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