Lady Vols name saved? Tennessee AD promises to increase ‘visibility’ of brand

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — University of Tennessee Athletic Director John Currie says that the Lady Vols logo is coming back, but the “Power T” is still the official logo for the University of Tennessee.

University of Tennessee Athletics dropped the Lady Vols name from all women’s sports except basketball in July 2015 when they signed an eight-year apparel and sponsorship with Nike. Many supporters and lawmakers rallied behind the Lady Vols name, saying they wanted to use Lady Vols for all women’s sports.

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At a news conference Thursday, Currie said he and Chancellor Beverly Davenport have listened to people’s concerns and are committed to aising the visibility of the Lady Vol brand. Currie says the Lady Vol logo is a brand, not just a distinction between men and women.

“We will not allow the Lady Vol name to disappear,” said Currie. “For some the Lady Vol name and logo is just as meaningful and sacred as the checkerboard end zones.”

Currie said the Lady Vol logo and color options will begin in 2018 for women’s teams. He said Lady Vol retail items will also be sold on campus and at Vol shops.

Former Lady Vols applauded the the announcement on Thursday. Shelley Collier, a former player of Pat Summitt on her first national championship team, believed this was a great way to remember her legacy.

“Pat would be proud. Pat would be very happy. I’m sure she is smiling down right now,” she said.

Former athletes said it was a brand that meant a lot to everyone, not just basketball players.

“When i was being recruited to swim at the University of Tennessee, that is one of the things that really brought me here,” said Cortney Piper, a former swimmer.

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