Culver’s Butterburgers opens in West Knoxville

Culver's restaurant in West Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Wisconsin-based franchise, Culver’s, opened in West Knoxville Tuesday morning.

The restaurant, which is known for their butterburgers and fresh frozen custard, opened at 9113 Kingston Pike off of Cedar Bluff. It is the fifth location to open in Tennessee. The other Culver’s locations are all in Middle Tennessee.

When Ron Dresen, who is from Wisconsin, moved to Knoxville he said he had to bring the franchise to East Tennessee. Fourteen years later, his vision is becoming a reality.

“We’ve got kids from I think seven different high schools working for us already,” said franchise owner Dresen. “We’re really excited to be here and bring a little piece of Culver’s down here.”

So far the restaurant has hired 70 employees, most of whom go to school in Knoxville. Dresen says he plans on bringing even more Culver’s to East Tennessee in the future.

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