Remote Area Medical helping Caribbean after Irma

ROCKFORD, Tenn. (WATE) – Thousands of first responders and volunteers have heading south to help with disaster relief. Remote Area Medical based out of Rockford helped with the relief effort in Texas. Now, it’s on standby to help victims of Hurricane Irma. The organization is even extending that help to the Caribbean.

Chris Hall has been a volunteer for RAM for 20 years. He said this disaster relief response is unprecedented for him. Volunteers gathered supplies on Monday for Irma victims shortly after responding to Harvey.

“It really stretches the resources and makes the  community pull together to help the people in need,” said Hall.

RAM is on standby as it fills up trucks with donations like water and dog food. The group received so many supplies from the community after Harvey that it said they don’t need anymore for its response to Irma. Kroger donated 80 cases of water alone on Monday. Hall said they have enough donations to pack up four semi trucks.

Hall said the British military requested help in St. Martin. RAM will be flying down water purification units to the Caribbean Monday night.

“Water purification units will purify about 5,000 gallons of water per day,” he said.

It will tremendously help islanders get access to clean water as Irma wiped out their communities.

Animals also received some help. RAM helped evacuate almost 50 shelter animals from Tampa to Knoxville last week. Hall said all of them found a new home.

“We have a very loyal group of staff that are committed to the mission that will do whatever it takes to deliver the mission,” Hall said.

Hall said RAM still needs volunteers to help sort supplies and pack the trucks. You can also help by sending in a monetary donation.

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