Monroe County family’s mobile home set up delayed

MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A young couple in Monroe County had to wait all summer to have their mobile home units delivered and set up. They paid a mobile home service company in May $10,000 to do the job. Action wasn’t taken until they contacted WATE 6 On Your Side.

The couple apparently angered the delivery service by reporting their tardiness. Kenny Baker and his sister planned to spend July and August remodeling some used mobile homes they had purchased. They wanted more spacious homes for their families and with money tight, they planned to do a lot of the work themselves, only to be disappointed by the delay.

In early August, six office trailers were parked on Baker’s family property. He and his sister planned to convert them into two triple-wide units so each could have a bigger home, but they waited months for them to be delivered.

“They are finally here after we complained to the Better Business Bureau. We received one about two months after the contract, another one maybe seven days after that,” said Baker’s fiancee Dee Dee Haddock.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. What we’re looking for is honesty and come out and do your job,” said Baker.

The trailers were bought from B&G Mobile Home service in Athens, Tennessee. The contract signed May 11 was for $10,000. Baker said he and his family paid that money up front and expected the work to be completed within a month.

“He’s supposed to deliver, block and level, do the labor work, remove the wheels and axles,” said Haddock.

Their original plan to be in the trailers by September after remodeling the units was long ago put on hold. Baker believes the reason B&G Mobile Home Service and its owner Bill Dixon took months to deliver the trailers is because Baker complained to the Better Business Bureau.

WATE 6 On Your Side called Dixon who said he’s done nothing wrong. He said Baker and family were to blame for the delay because the grass drive on their property was often “too muddy for delivery” and he insisted a fence be removed so he could get the trailers down the driveway.

He also said the Bakers had no building permit, but the Monroe County planning commission said it is the contractor’s responsibility to acquire a permit to comply with the county’s flood plain rule.

One month after WATE 6 On Your Side first met with Baker and his fiancee, they were in much better shape.

“They came out the next day [after WATE’s phone call.] Came out the next day and ever day after that for four days in a row,” said Haddock.

Haddock and Baker have already started laying out the floor plans in their big triple-wide unit. Each will have about 2,100 square feet of space. She’s excited to get started.

B&G Mobile Homes’ license was revoked in July 2015 according to a judgment from the State Department of Commerce and Insurance. A search of the company’s state installer’s license online shows that it expired. However, records show the company is in the process of applying for its retailer’s license.

Haddock and her fiance count themselves lucky after their dealings with the company.

“At least they’re set up, but it took them three and a half months to get them here,” she said.

Baker, his fiancee and his sister plan to complete their remodeling by the end of October.

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