Fans celebrate first home game with tailgating trailer

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)–Saturday marked the first home game of the Tennessee Volunteers football season and fans celebrated by tailgating on UT campus. One group of friends brought their brand new tailgating trailer for the ultimate tailgating experience.

“We pulled the trailer in last night around five or six and today we just got here about 30 minutes ago so, we’ll set up around another 15 or 20 minutes we’ll be ready,” said Alex Shelyakov. “Everything is pretty much in the trailer.”

The trailer has all of the group’s tailgating needs.

“We found a company in Georgia who made it from scratch and we finished it off with a few stickers and tv and a grill,” said Shelyakov.  “We kind of had vision online from looking at pictures.”

The friends have other tailgating necessities too.

“Today we are a little bit calmer,” said Deborah McMillan. “Once the season sets in we will have gator meat, we’ll have BBQ, we’ll have all sorts of buffets.”

McMillan says tailgating and game day are more than grilled hot dogs and football.

“I think it’s the friendships,” she said. “There’s a lot of people that we only see once a year and its like you just picked up where you left off.”

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