After waiting in line for hours, man offers last generator to stranger

(Photo: WCMH)

ORLANDO, Fla.(WCMH) – As Hurricane Irma barrels towards Florida, anxious residents are preparing for the storm and trying to grab what supplies they can.

As employees of a Lowe’s loaded the store’s last generator onto a cart, Pam Brekke turned away in tears, WFTV reported.

Brekke was next in line for a generator.

“My father is on oxygen and I’m worried about this storm,” Brekke said

Workers didn’t know whether more supplies and generators would be coming before the storm arrives.

After a couple minutes, one man didn’t want Brekke to wait any longer. Ramon Santiago saw Brekke in tears and handed over his generator.

“She needs the generator. It’s okay. No worry for them,” said Santiago.

“He’s an angel from God is what he is,” said Brekke.

Santiago couldn’t say much to Brekke because of a language barrier, but that didn’t stop him from helping someone in need.

“I’m very overwhelmed by that man,” said Brekke. “He’s helping our family.”

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