Construction causes flooding at Maryville family’s new home

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — For months, a young family has been battling to prevent their new home from being swept away by mud and water.

When Erin and Lee Landrum with their two young sons moved to a new house, they were prepared for some obstacles. But they never thought that they would be fighting mother nature from infiltrating their property. Several times in the past year, the Landrums have watched while a flow of muddy water flooded their backyard and almost their home. The Landrums had a beyond ruined fence, a damaged playground, and they wanted answers.

When asked about how close the water has been to the house, Lee Landrum said, “It’s actually been to the wall right here. It was mud and water, how it didn’t come under the wall, I don’t know.”

Erin added, “The water came in so hard and fast through here with the mud that it blew out our silt fence and it came through the yard right here, you can still see the mud.”

With minimal erosion control established by developers, last spring the couple paid to install their own silt fence to slow the flow of mud whenever it rained. Once a silt fence could not protect them, the couple decided it was time to consult with state and county officials. While county officials twice issued “Stop Work” orders, the state issued a “Notice of Violation” due to erosion.

John Wear, of LD Partners, also known as Signature Development, claims that they have been proactive in preventing further flooding and damage. Wear told 6 On Your Side, “we’ve been fighting heavy rain and erosion for months trying to stabilize the lot next to the Landrums.”

When asked about how developers have reacted to the situation, Lee Landrum said, “They don’t. They’re basically like, well there is nothing we can really do right now until we get finished.”

Fortunately for the Landrums, their efforts with state and county officials paid off and LD Partners will be removing the erosion as well as installing new silt fences around the Landrums and neighboring properties. Developers told WATE that they will replace the fence and do the very best they can to prevent any future erosion in the neighborhood. The young family said they’re happy they contacted local water experts and that the new erosion control is working so far.

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