Vols fan prepares for Atlanta season opener

JACKSBORO (WATE)- Monday marks the start of Tennessee football season, but for one fan, being a Volunteer is a year-round job.

“To go to a place that you’re not really familiar with, the one thing you do have in common with everyone that you’re looking for is Orange of course.” said Travis Sweat, a Vols fan and East Tennessee native.

Sweat says he’s been preparing for this season opener for weeks. His game day routine always the same: up before the sun, at the tailgate spot by sunrise, and of course, dressed in all orange.

“We lost so many players to the NFL draft this year, we have so many new up and coming players to see what they’ll all be able to do, and join together. We’ve had coaching staff change ups, that’s gonna make it new we don’t really know what we’re gonna see.” said Sweat.

His Vols collection goes beyond just what you can buy online, it’s personal. Game worn jerseys, helmets,footballs, and even — a part of Neyland Stadium.

“It’s nice to be able to have their signature, but that really doesn’t value what it means to meet them as an individual and understand what a great person they actually are.” said Sweat.

He says he hopes this trip to Atlanta isn’t the last one he takes this season. Mercedes Benz Stadium will host the National Championship Game in January.

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