Making sure your donations get to Hurricane Harvey victims

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)-People all over the country, including in East Tennessee, are looking for ways to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Steve Hepperly, along with others and Rio Revolution in Maryville, are collecting water and diapers for those affected.

That 2,000 cases has turned into 10,000 cases,” said Hepperly. “As of right now we’ve either shipped or got on the ground 3,000  bottles of water.”

Hepperly chose to partner with Operation Compassion because he knows the founder personally. Other people looking to donate are having a hard time knowing if their donations are going to reputable organization.

Charity Navigator is a website designed to monitor an organizations credibility and give people peace of mind when donating.

One organization the site finds legitimate is the American Red Cross.

“We keep our expenses low and 91 cents of every dollar we spend for this disaster will go to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Gale McGovern, American Red Cross CEO and President.

Monetary donations to the Red Cross go to several areas of relief.

“Donations are being used to setup shelters, and command centers, to manage our volunteer operations, like the ones right behind me, donations pay for cots, they pay for blankets, food water and relief supplies,” said McGovern.

It is difficult to verify if donations through other channels, like GoFundMe, are reputable, so, donors should use caution when using those sights.

Rio Revolution is located at 3425 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy in Maryville. Donations of water and diapers can be dropped off at the church.

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