UT students have high hopes for 2017 football season

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Cheering on the Vols comes at a price. Every year, fans invest their hopes without guarantee of glory or return. Students at UT are looking forward to Monday’s first game against Georgia Tech.

“Everybody makes fun of us for being like ‘Oh, this is our year! This is our year,'” said junior Megan Burgess.

“2017’s the year,” added Carder Poore.

Big Orange country said on Friday they’re ready to see how the vols match up in Atlanta.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing who steps up behind Josh Dobbs and if they can really fill the shoes that he left,” said Burgess.

“I think we’ll kill it. I think we’re going to show out,” added freshman Joshua Warren.

“It’s going to be a good warmup to kind of get the team clicking and get on the same page,” said junior Mike Heim.

Poore already has high hopes and expectations for the season.

“I think Butch Jones is going to bring us to the top soon. This year I think, let’s go for an SEC championship,” Poore said.

“I predict that we’re going to have at least three top 10 plays on ESPN,” added Heim.

What do vols think would make 2017 the brick of all bricks?

“The year would be beating Alabama, even if we don’t go to the championships,” said Burgess.

“Whenever we beat Bama next, that’s the staple. When we beat Bama, we’re back I think,” said Poore.

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