Knoxville SEEED provides job training programs for the energy service trade

Career readiness program (SEEED Knox)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — SEEED is an organization that helps provide energy savings to hundreds of low-income residents in the Knoxville area. They do this by training young adults in the energy services trade.

The organization is recruiting a new group for their career readiness program called Energy Corps. The students will undergo an intensive 12-week program that imparts critical life and job skills for young adults age 18-28.

Organizers say students will not only receive important training skills for real-world success during the nine-week paid training program but students who finish the training can earn certificates that will lead to employment with a livable wage. They also say students will also have the opportunity to gain on-the-job training, potentially leading to job placement after the program.

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During the classroom training, the trainees will be paid a stipend of $100 per week for a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon schedule (1 – 6 pm). Lunch is included on classroom days. For the week of on-the-job training with a contractor the trainee will be paid minimum wage for a 30 to 40-hour week.

“Energy Corps is a vocational enhancement to SEEED’s career readiness program; students will learn hands-on about construction and energy efficiency and how their work relates to all of us, whether it’s through lower utility bills or through environmental conservation,” said Mandy Proffitt, program coordinator. “SEEED is very excited to add this vocational enhancement and wraparound service to assist our graduates with job skills and placement opportunities. It’s SEEED’s way of giving back to our community, keeping our young people safe and off the streets, and setting a path for them to bring home a living wage.”

An Energy Corps trainee will be paid to learn in the classroom as well as on the job. Basic construction skills will be taught by contractors in the classroom and through hands-on projects. After going through the intro courses, the trainee will be placed for a one-week, full-time, paid entry level position with a contractor, to get a real-world feel for the work. Assuming that week is a success, the trainee will return to SEEED for the final ten paid days of the program, to complete Retrofit Installation Technician and Envelope and Duct Leakage Testing courses.

Applications are available online at or you can apply in person at the Morningside Community Center, located at 16127 Dandridge Avenue. The application deadline is September 1 and the program begins September 12. Placement for on-the-job training will occur in October and full time employment begins in late November or early December.

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