In with the old! Tennessee student starts business selling vintage Vol gear

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — University of Tennessee student Baker Donahue is finding success with his business, “In With The Old.”¬†Donahue, a Communications Major with a minor in entrepreneurship, created the online shop a year ago after noticing many classmates wearing throwback or vintage vol clothing.

“I went straight to a thrift store and bought $300 worth of Vol clothing,” said Donahue. “I couldn’t afford a website at the time so I posted the items on Instagram and asked my friends how much they would pay for them.”

The response was overwhelming. The items sold fast and the $300 quickly turned into $600, and so on.

One year later, the idea has turned into a business that continues to see success. Donahue now has a website selling old vol sweatshirts, jackets, shoes, shirts and hats on Instagram.

“We try to look for what is on trend right now, denim is popular or anything with bold accents or font,” said Donahue. “Anything from the year 1998 is a big seller.”

Donahue said most of the throwback gear comes from either a thrift store, eBay, etsy or even from people who contact him in the community looking to sell items.

“One of the biggest prides of the business is it’s all student operated,” said Donahue. “We also use students as models.”

The idea has taken off beyond Knoxville. There are now franchise locations of “In With The Old” set up in other college towns.

“It’s really exciting when your idea works,” said Donahue.

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