Fallen Maryville police officer’s mother remembers son year after his death

WALLAND, Tenn. (WATE) – A year after Maryville Police Officer Kenny Moats was killed in the line of duty, his mother says she’s overwhelmed by the support of the community to keep her son’s legacy alive.

“That’s what I miss the most, seeing him walk through my door.,” said Lisa Burns, Moats’s mother.

Burns says she remembers her last conversations with Moats, and even to the day, remembers where she was when she got the call about her son. She says she doesn’t think it will leave her anytime soon.

“He asked me, he said, ‘Mom you’re going to have to fix me some ribs like you did before.’ You see, I never got that chance because his life was taken. To this day I haven’t made them, no more, and probably never will,” said Burns.

Remembering these kinds of stories about Moats is how Burns spent her day, with family and friends. She says she and her whole family is so grateful for the community’s support.

“It’s just… it’s overwhelming. Just the outpouring. We could never be so thankful. To be able to thank each and every one personally. How much help, this community, in just keeping his memory alive.”

Burns says she doesn’t know about closure; she says it’s still difficult.

“I relive what I seen, what I told happened, I don’t see no closure in it. His killer was sentenced but his life was spared. No, I don’t see closure…”

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