Randy Boyd runs through Knoxville in trek across Tennessee

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — Tennessee governor candidate Randy Boyd is literally running for governor as he hits the pavement across the state.

The gubernatorial candidate and Knoxville business-man made his way through Knoxville with members from the Knoxville Metro Drug Coalition early Friday. Friday, he ran 4.1 miles to from Asheville Highway to Zoo Knoxville with members of the Knoxville Metro Drug Coalition.

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“I’m running for a couple of reasons,” said Boyd. “One, to promote a healthier Tennessee. We need to take better care of ourselves and be healthier. By doing this I can raise awareness about being healthier, but it is also a great way to get to know our communities in a really in-depth way. When you’re only covering six miles a day, you get to really spend a lot of time in the community.”

In total, Boyd plans to run 537.3 miles from Bristol to Memphis and is expected to complete his series of runs on November 18. His run through Knoxville was day 18 of his trek.

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