Oak Ridge students enjoy educational solar eclipse experience

OAK RIDGE (WATE) – While most school districts decided to cancel classes on Monday for the Great American Eclipse, Oak Ridge City Schools kept schools open.

Teachers used the day as a fun and educational experience for the students.

At Willow Brook Elementary, parents, students, teachers and staff all gathered for a day of school focused on the eclipse. Students spent the day making crafts, trying experiments and learning more about the total solar eclipse.

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“This is more than book learning, it’s hands on experience. Each of the grade levels are doing something unique and really giving the students a chance to learn,” said Jessica Hill, a parent who had four children at the school.

Families were invited to share in the experience. The school set up a viewing area on the back lawn, providing safety viewing glasses for all students.

“I saw the moon passing the sun and it went to totality,” said student Nathaniel Nolan, “You can’t see it that often so we are very lucky to see that.”

Not all of Oak Ridge was in the path of totality, so some of the schools took students to other locations so they could experience the eclipse.

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