Sweetwater man rents out home to ‘new friends’ for eclipse

SWEETWATER (WATE) – A school security officer in Sweetwater rented out his home to a Knoxville family so they could see the total solar eclipse.

Carolee Peck and her family live in Hardin Valley but wanted to travel to Sweetwater to see totality. She took off work to see the eclipse with her husband and two children.

They were having a hard time finding a place to stay in Sweetwater. At one point, the family thought they were going to have to sleep in their car in a nearby Cracker Barrel parking lot.

Peck Family

“My husband started calling for hotels, motels, everything and people just laughed at him,” said Peck

The City of Sweetwater suggested giving Larry Orr a call. He wanted to offer his home to families visiting for the eclipse.

“It seemed like the natural thing to do to invite friends that we didn’t know yet,” said Orr.

Inviting new friends meant finding new accommodations for himself and his wife. They camped out in their driveway for the weekend. Orr said it was all part of the experience.

“They are extremely nice folks and we have been very pleased,” said Orr.

Larry Orr

It was a lucky find for the Pecks. It allowed them to see a once in a lifetime view.

“One of those things we may never experience again and I don’t want to miss it. It’s right here,” said Peck.


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