Deputies: Woman tried to smuggle handcuff keys, tobacco into Loudon County jail

Kelsey Captain and Darrell Middleton (source: Loudon County Jail)

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WATE) – Two people are facing charges after officials say a woman tried to send handcuff keys to an inmate in the Loudon County Jail.

Kelsey C. Captain, 18, was arrested Sunday for trying to send the handcuff keys to an inmate in the jail. Deputies say Captain hid two handcuff keys and tobacco inside a pair of hair clippers, which she dropped off to be given to inmate Darrell E. Middleton.

Deputies say Kelsey Captain tried to smuggle handcuff keys and tobacco into the jail inside hair clippers. (source: LCSO)

When officers searched the hair clippers, as per Loudon County Jail policies and procedures, they found the keys and tobacco.

Captain has been charged with “implements for escape,” which is a felony charge. Deputies eventually learned that Middleton had knowledge of what she was doing and aided her, so he has been charged with “criminal responsibility for the conduct of another.”

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