Kingston police officer recovering after hit-and-run

Sergeant Jerry Singleton (Kingston Police Department)

Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said Sgt. Singleton is expected to come home some time Tuesday. Chief Washam said Singleton had three fractures in his tibia.


KINGSTON, Tenn. (WATE) – The Kingston Police Department is asking for prayers for one of their officers that was hit Sunday night during a traffic stop. Sergeant Jerry Singleton was injured while conducting a traffic stop on a truck pulling a car hauler, according to Kingston police.

“Jerry walks up, says, ‘Evening, sir, how you doing? I need to see your driver license.’ Just in a split second, the guy says ‘I don’t have any.’ Throwed it down in drive and took off,” described Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam.

Chief Washam says Sgt. Singleton was hit by the hauler which caused him to fall in the road.

“There are so many things that could’ve happened. If it hadn’t been that time of night, there would’ve been more cars on the road,” said Washam.

A suspect in the hit-and-run, Henry Nicholas Brown, was later arrested. He was charged with assault involving a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault, evading arrest, violation of probation/parole and driving on a revoked or suspended license.

Henry Nicholas Brown (Roane County Sheriff’s Office)

The Roane County Sheriff’s Office was able to arrest Brown less than two hours after the incident. Investigators say he was hiding in a house.

Sgt. Singleton was taken to University of Tennessee Medical and is awaiting surgery due to knee injuries, according to police. He is listed in stable condition.

Hours later, Chief Washam says he’s thankful for many things, one of which is Sgt. Singleton’s life, “When I went to see Jerry at the ER last night, Jerry said ‘You know, I’ve been doing this 30 years and I’ve never had a nick or a scrape and then something like this happens.”

The Kingston Police Department is also thankful for the two devices which caught everything on camera, Sgt. Singleton’s dash and body cameras.

“We’ve had dash cams for several years and we’ve had body cams for about four years, and let me tell you what, they’re worth every bit of money you pay for them,” said Washam.

Dashcam footage of the incident has been handed over to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the district attorney’s office. They are now handling the case.

“Jerry’s tough. He’ll bounce back,” added Chief Washam.

Brown’s criminal history includes a number of arrests for driving with a suspended or revoked license, reckless driving, speeding, failing to give proof of insurance and resisting arrest during traffic stops. Unrelated to the incident, Brown has also faced multiple domestic and aggravated assault charges in the past.

The Kingston Police Department thanked the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, Rockwood Police, Kingston Fire Department and Roane County EMS for assisting the City of Kingston during the incident.

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