Teachers, parents stock up last minute school supplies ahead of first day

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Students in several counties will be starting back to school on Monday. Many parents and teachers spent the weekend picking up last minute supplies at stores like the School Box in West Knoxville.

“I just got a new job teaching 7th grade science,” said Ava Fitzstevens,”I haven’t been teaching for about 15 or 16 years so I am getting resupplied.”

Fitzstevens and her daughter Rebecca spent Sunday afternoon looking for supplies and decorations to stock up her new classroom.

This is fabulous, I love this,” said Fitzstevens as she held up one of her items. “It’s like a science border, it’s a DNA strand that got all kinds of different life on it. I like that.”

People working at the School Box say this time of year is the busiest for the store.

“Back to school is typically our Christmas season,” said Jon Burns. “So, we’re going to see June through the middle of August, about 10 times our usual business that we see during the rest of the year. It gets kind of crazy.”

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The School Box offers a variety of supplies for everyone.

“For teachers, the main items are going to be classroom decorations type of supplies, consumable like construction paper, spare pencils and what not,” said Burns. “For parents, they are just going to be buying the stuff on their school supply list.”

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