Bicyclist injured after Knoxville hit-and-run

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A person was injured after a hit-and-run in Knoxville Sunday afternoon.

Knoxville police say a van hit a person riding a bike on Dutch Valley Drive near Bruhin Road and Coster Road. The van left the scene before emergency crews arrived.

The victim was transported to University of Tennessee Medical Center. The victim’s condition is unknown.

“Anytime that you have a vehicle that’s 2,000 pounds plus, hitting a pedestrian or a bicycle, odds are against the pedestrian or the bicyclist,” D.J. Corcoran, KFD Captain, said. “We respond to bicycle accidents inside the city. We had one earlier today and when school picks up, you’ll see a lot of kids riding to school on bikes, so there’s always a warning to motorists trying to warn them that hey school’s open, be aware of pedestrians and bicycles.”

The hit-and-run is raising concerns among bike riders in the area.

“The drivers…they don’t pay attention,” Gerald Green said. “I don’t think they recognize that bicyclists are an equal user of those roadways.”

Bill Bruce, an active bike rider in Knoxville, shares his concern.

“It’s just dangerous,” he said. “There’s not enough room, people go too fast. They don’t pay attention. Bicyclists have just as much right as they do so just be aware of it and it’s becoming more and more prevalent.”

Under Tennessee law, bicyclists have the same rights as other vehicles on the road. Drivers can make roads safer by driving the speed limit, being prepared to slow down for cyclists, and always leave at least three feet between a vehicle and a bike rider.

There are also a number of things cyclists can do to protect themselves on the road.

First, abide by the same rules as any motorcycle would. They should wear a helmet, move with the flow of traffic, stay on the rights side of the roadway, use hand signals ahead of turning, and always make bike reflectors visible.


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