Monroe County deputies to only respond to emergency calls on day of eclipse

MADISONVILLE (WATE) – Due to an expected large influx of people, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says it will only respond to emergency calls on the day of the total solar eclipse.

Sheriff Tommy Jones says his office recommends people buy all necessities, including food, water and medications, at least a week in advance. Travel is expected to be very congested in the county due to all of the scheduled events surrounding the eclipse.

Bryce Joslin with Will-Sav-Drugs says they don’t expect to be any busier during the eclipse or days before.

“I expect for the most part that it will be business as usual,” said Joslin. “We have a lot of our patients on a program called medication synchronization to where we get stuff filled in ahead of time for them. So, for the most part we will have those patients ready to go.”

Another necessity Jones mentioned is food. Jack Russell with Save-A-Lot says he expects most visitors to eat out.

“We’ll have people on standby if need be, but if not, at least we will have it covered if we need them,” said Russell.

Melissa Graves with Donna’s Old Town Cafe agrees with Russell. She has been preparing for the eclipse for some time now.

“We’ve already started our food orders and things like that for that week,” said Graves. “I went through all the calendars and told all my employees no one off Thursday through Tuesday because if there is really going to be that many people here we’re going to have to be fully staffed”

Jones says his office will only respond to emergency calls on August 21 due to the expected population increase and call volume. All deputies will be on duty to help citizens, and anyone who does experience an emergency should call 911.

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