Karl Dean is lone Democrat in Tennessee’s race for Governor

Karl Dean

NASHVILLE (WATE) — Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has a task like no one else in the race for Tennessee governor.

As the only announced major candidate from the Democrat party, he must capture a lot of middle of the road Republicans to win. On many Saturdays, Dean is at community gatherings. He says he always gets questions from people who are nervous about their health care future.

“Hopefully we won’t have Medicaid cuts President Trump is talking about,” said Dean. “The state needs to be a strong advocate for its citizens to give them the best coverage they can.”

Karl Dean

Dean is known as the Nashville Mayor who helped start the city’s economic boom, but he says he needs to reach people in rural areas in order to help him win. He says those in rural areas have sometimes missed out on Tennessee’s boom.

“We need to be sure we are doing all we can to bring economic development and prosperity there,” said Dean. “When you are here, you see that small town Tennessee. Rural Tennessee is the backbone of this state.”

If he wins, Dean says he can find common ground with a legislature dominated by rural and suburban Republicans.

“Having a legislature and a governor of different parties happens all the time all over the country and it works. We need to return a balance to Tennessee politics and I think it really speaks in my favor,” said Dean.

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