Blount Memorial Hospital celebrates 70 year anniversary

ALCOA (WATE) – Seventy years ago, Blount Memorial Hospital opened their doors with the help of the community.

Tuesday, the hospital took time to remember their rich history with a flag dedication ceremony. Blount Memorial Hospital CEO Don Heninemann said the ceremony was a tribute to Blount County Veterans.

“The money that was raised to start our hospital was done during WWII,” said Heninemann. “It’s very special that while the war was going on, they raised money to start a hospital.”

Blount Memorial Hospital CEO Don Heninemann

The hospital was partially funded through a federal grant, but Heninemann says the community stepped up to complete the construction. Since no money remained to build sidewalks, driveway or parking lot, workers and business owners donated the labor and materials to finish the work.

When the hospital opened on July 24, 1947, the community even showed up to help move the furniture, offices, beds and patients from an old hospital building to the new one.

Heninemann says every year they like to honor people in the community that helped make Blount County Memorial Hospital possible.


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