Wi-Fi card skimming software ‘most sophisticated’ Greene County detectives have seen

MOSHEIM (WJHL) – Using a debit or credit card at the gas pump is something most people don’t think twice about, but detectives in our region are warning people about a new credit card skimming software.

Greene County Chief Detective Jeff Morgan said they are currently investigating what he described as the ‘most sophisticated’ credit card skimming scheme he’s seen in the county.

The case they are investigating happened at a gas station in Mosheim within the past few weeks.

“It is a software program that allows them, in close proximity, to actually skim people’s credit cards through the Wi-Fi. They use a blank gift card to actually clone your credit card,” Morgan said.

Chief Detective Morgan said they are working to identify two suspects in connection with that case in Mosheim.

They are accused of skimming someone’s credit card at a gas station, and then stealing more than $500.

“We know that these individuals attempted to clone numerous victims credit cards, there may be victims out there who aren’t even aware they are a victim yet,” Morgan said.

Chief Detective Morgan is now recommending people keep a close eye on their bank accounts, and to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity while you are at the pump.

“I would recommend that people pay very close to their debit card accounts, their credit card accounts,” Morgan said.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Department needs your help to identify the two people accused of skimming people’s credit cards in Moshiem.

If you have any information that could help police you are asked to call 423-972-7000 or 423-798-1800.

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