Rescue group says young bear hit by car in Hawkins County has died

( Mount Carmel Police Chief Jeff Jackson)

TOWNSEND (WATE) – A yearling bear that was recovering at Appalachian Bear Rescue after being hit by a car in Hawkins County has died.

The bear rescue group posed on social media the bear, which they had named “Hawkins” seemed to be recuperating well and were sure a checkup at the University of Tennessee veterinarian school proved otherwise. His lower jaw had fractures not apparent in the previous examination and while antibiotics were keeping the abscess under control and pain medications were allowing him to eat and drink, they wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

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ABR says surgery would have required the removal of three teeth and wiring his jaw, but he couldn’t have endured the surgery or the year it would have taken to heal, so after consulting with a number of specialists and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the decision was made to end Hawkins’ battle.

“We thank you, our Facebook friends, for your daily words of encouragement and your support for an injured bear you would never meet. We share your sorrow at his loss,” ABR said in its Facebook post.

The bear was hit by a car last month in Hawkins County. The person who hit the bear was cited for not immediately reporting the accident.

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