Father of Sweetwater baby left in stroller says drugs are to blame

A Sweetwater mother was arrested after her 7-month-old was left alone in a stroller.

The child was found on July 2. He was 1.6 miles from his home on Powell Avenue. Police say the baby was sun burnt and only wearing a soiled diaper.

The mother, Rhonda Jenkins, is addicted to drugs, according to her husband Floyd. He says the drugs are what caused his wife to leave their child.

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“She’s a real good mama, real good mama, wouldn’t ask for a better mama,” said Floyd.

Floyd says they both need treatment for their drug problem but don’t have the money to afford it.

“It’s the dope that’s a disgrace,” said Floyd. “I’m asking for help. I don’t got insurance, I don’t got nothing. I want my babies back at this house.”

Floyd’s sister Charlotte McNabb says jail is not the answer to her family’s problem.

“They are really good people,” said McNabb. “They just got on some bad drugs and they really need rehab.”

Floyd says his wife and him are more than willing to get help so they can have their family back.

“If y’a’ll watching kids, I love you dearly,” sobbed Floyd. “I miss you too much”

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